Ballerina Canvas Art Dance Peinture à l'huile par Leonid Afremov – Ballet Magic

Ballerina Canvas Art Dance Peinture à l'huile par Leonid #art #La peinture @EtsyMktgTool #ballerinacanvasart #ballerinaart

One common question that many funeral articles ask is, do I have to draw before I can paint? The answer is that you should have drawing skills, or at least one way to make it look like you can draw. The good news is that drawing makes it easy when using the grid method. When using a grid to get exact drawings, you actually follow your own step-by-step technique for drawing.

The grid method is a good way to get a small picture in a larger area, eg. a table cloth. The network is actually a way to break a picture into a dozen or more less manageable images.

The grid method is done with a ruler and creates a grid with equal squares placed over a reference image or photo. The squares in the grid may be any size half an inch or one inch. Now drag another grille onto your painting surface. The grating on the painting surface may be as large as on the reference image or it may be larger or even smaller. It just depends on how big or small you want the painting to be.

Let's say you're working on a photo or picture that you can't draw lines directly on. An excellent way to still be able to use a grid would be to draw the grid on a transparency or have a transparency or overlay. You will be able to use it over and over again. Just make sure you drop the photo on a piece of paper and drop the transparent grid on top of the photo. In this way, your lines will not move. Draw lightly with a pencil, a grille on your painting surface. Keep these lines bright because you will erase them when your drawing is finished.

Now that you have your networks in place, you are ready to draw. Look at the reference image in just one box at a time. Work a box at a time, draw what you see on the canvas. Do this step by step and square by square.

You have now taken a complex subject and literally broken it down into manageable pieces. Have fun and don't be afraid to draw, as the raster method makes drawing easy.